– Insurance industry veteran, Brian Norman, announced the launch of Insurgent Consulting and its headlining package, MGA-In-A-Box™.  Insurgent offers proficiency in each area of the insurance industry that can be leveraged by insurers, agents, wholesalers, InsurTech businesses and venture capitalists.  Combined insurance experience of 80 years allows the Insurgent team to identify solutions, provide expertise and leverage industry partnerships to create a competitive advantage for clients while fostering the growth of insurance programs or bringing them to market.

“Our strategic thinking coupled with a deep knowledge of this business gives Insurgent the ability to address specific needs and minimize onboarding to painlessly get your insurance project moving,” said Brian Norman, President and Founder of Insurgent. “The strong relationships we’ve built with providers and our dedication to delivering real solutions give you a decided advantage when you go to market.”

Areas of focus in Insurgent’s consulting portfolio include (but are not limited to):

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Insurance Program Development & Implementation
  • Financial Services
  • Technology
  • Risk Management
  • Auditing
  • Human Resources

Insurgent works with clients to identify the missing components and uses its own industry connections to build a custom solution without the complication of navigating multiple relationships. Insurgent’s solutions are wrapped in its MGA-In-A-Box package, which makes available everything from form filings, policy issuance to a rating platform, risk management, distribution, accounting, licensing, and more. The full menu of service offerings works on a fee-for-service model.

Insurgent is currently accepting new clients.  To learn more about Insurgent Consulting and MGA-In-A-Box™, visit the company’s website at insurgent-consulting.com or call 937-478-3009.

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