The perfect package.

MGA-In-A-Box covers every aspect of starting a new program administrator, while making the process painless. With a full menu of services, we can take your idea to market quickly and eliminate fixed costs and overhead.  Let our team of seasoned program veterans provide the insurance and process expertise needed to get you from concept to postive cash flow!

The perfect package.

MGA-In-A-Box from Insurgent Consulting covers every aspect of starting a new insurance program and while making the process painless. We give you the tools to create a strong offering for insureds through underwriting, identifying loss exposures, minimizing the financial impact through risk management and avoiding legal complications through compliance. Take on all your development concerns with confidence through the MGA-In-A-Box package of services.

Audience Scenarios


An insurance company’s incubator team has conceptualized and modeled a new insurance product designed to leverage new technology. We bring the right technology (i.e. Insurtech) and the appropriate distribution channel (i.e. Managing General Agent) to the table leveraging our strong relationships in the Insurance Industry and our Mentorship experience amongst Insurtech Accelerators.

We bring all of the pieces together to quickly launch a new product that once started in Idea Generation and is now Commercialized.

Agency (Retailer)

An agency has an expertise in a particular industry niche, with an attractive book/following, and wants to become a Program Administrator.  A Carrier is interested in the class of business and preliminary results, however the Agency doesn’t have the infrastructure to support a fully-functional operation. 

MGA-In-A-Box has the infrastructure and expertise to bring that program to market.


Technology has been presented to a Carrier who would like to deploy it in a program, however the insurance foundation and preparedness to operate a Program Administrator on a day-to-day basis is absent. 

MGA-In-A-Box can provide the missing distribution channel.

Team Lift 

A team of underwriters is leaving a Carrier to form their own Program Administrator.  They have Carrier support but don’t have the back-office and accounting knowledge to hit the ground running. 

MGA-In-A-Box can provide the administrative and accounting support necessary for a seamless transition.

Venture Capitalist

Partners invest in an Insurtech and want to get the technology through proof of concept.  By aligning the Insurtech with Insurgent and a Carrier, the Venture Capitalists begin to see a return on investment and escalated valuation.

The Insurtech phenomenon

The Future of Insurance Technology

The use and benefit of InsurTech services varies for all parties involved in the insurance transaction process.

  • Carriers: utilizing new technologies offered by InsurTech firms to improve results such as analytics, weather data, spatial data, drones, and sensor technology.
  • Underwriters: using these resources to improve risk analysis, risk selection, and risk pricing.
  • Claims Adjusters: utilizing these technologies to better analyze and adjust claims more efficiently.
  • Insureds: taking advantage of mobile applications developed by Insurtech firms to pay bills or report claims and using smart home technologies that manage home activities or using wearables to track their health.
  • Agents: using Insurtech developed analytic tools to track sales outcomes and leads.

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